BLS® provides a range of optional services that are designed to support your team, including product and lighting design, bespoke manufacturing and business case development.


With a highly qualified team of designers, BLS® provides full design services, including lighting design, photometry and bespoke luminaires for custom applications. With an ongoing commitment to research and development, and an evolving catalogue of products, you can be sure our solutions will continue to evolve and provide class leading performance reliability and innovation.


BLS® is a New Zealand based manufacturer, focussed on developing products that support a broad range of standard applications. Our design team also provides cost effective rapid prototyping and compliance certification where bespoke solutions are required. Our luminaires are designed specifically for Ecofluro® and offer outstanding value and performance.

Business Case Development

To understand the financial benefits of upgrading to an LED solution from BLS®, it is imperative to review the Total Cost of Ownership, including power and maintenance of your existing solution compared to the benefits offered by an upgrade. After working with many of New Zealand’s largest and most established businesses, we have developed a core of expertise and tools to provide a detailed analysis in support of your business case.

Finance and Funding

Upgrading to an LED solution need not be capital intensive. BLS® offers a range of financial products including lease funding, where the savings are greater than the cost of finance and the cost of lighting is kept off the balance sheet, providing a cash flow positive solution from day one.

Any investment requires due diligence. To help our clients make a well-informed decision BLS® recommends a lighting energy audit to establish potential financial and operational benefits.

Following a site visit, consultation and data review, we present the results as a detailed comparison between the current system and an alternative LED lighting solution from BLS®.

We calculate ROI, analyse NPV and calculate the pay-back period, based on net savings of power and maintenance. The calculations are binding and power savings guaranteed.

Key Factors

  • Type and Condition of existing fittings
  • Efficiency of existing lighting
  • Hours of operation
  • Power price per k/W
  • Current cost of maintenance
  • Age and condition of the light fixtures
  • Position and distribution of light fixtures.
Launched by EECA and the New Zealand Green Building Council in June, the NABERSNZ™ rating system independently assesses office energy use, measuring performance across a 1 to 6 star scale. Developed in Australia, the rating tool has been adapted for the New Zealand market and is licensed for local use by EECA.

To support the introduction of NABERS™, Business Lighting Solutions is offering a free assessment to any building owner or business that subsequently adopts an Ecofluro® lighting solution.

A NABERS™ assessment helps businesses identify key areas for energy savings, and contributes to the market value of buildings that deliver good energy performance.

“This is an incredibly valuable tool for anyone that owns a commercial building, or is responsible for a business’ energy bill,” says Paul Stoddart, Director of Business Lighting Solutions.

“We see the potential this has for our clients to transform their energy use and building performance, and are keen to support the initiative in gaining momentum. Lighting contributes up to half of an average office’s energy use – Ecofluro® products reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 60%.

“The value of an assessment is between $2,000 and $5,000, depending on the size of the building, so – for businesses serious about improving their energy performance – this is a significant opportunity."

To deliver the assessments, Business Lighting Solutions has partnered with environmental certification specialist, Alex Reiche – Director and Senior Consultant at EnviroSpec. Alex is one of the first in New Zealand to go through then NABERS™ Accredited Assessor training programme and also has experience with Green Star NZ, Homestar and a range of international environmental certification schemes.

Lighting is ultimately about people. It fundamentally affects our quality of life, at the office, home or play. It paints the surfaces we see and the objects that surround us. Yet, because it is such an essential and basic requirement, we often overlook how much power it consumes and labour it takes to maintain.

Relatively recent developments in Solid State (SSL) lighting technologies including LED and OLED technologies have significantly affected many fundamental assumptions, however the tools used to model performance remain valid and central to qualifying design calculations.

BLS® provides lighting design services for clients using industry standard formats such as DIALux or AGi32.

These are supported with 3D colour renders as required. Whether confirming a proposed upgrade will deliver the required light levels or reviewing options for a new build, our team can assist. If a luminaire requires a specific product specification or if a project requires a new design then talk to our team about a custom product design.

Standards Applied: AS/NZS 3827.1:1998 & AS/NZS 3827.2:1998

Whether you require a relatively simple solution, such as our pelmet lighting for Beca and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand or a product which has broader applications, such as the Infinity project for Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, our team is standing by and ready to assist.

From concept sketch, through CAD development to full engineering drawings, certification and production our team works with you to ensure a perfect result. Whether the goal is cost effective simple solution or needs to meet a particular aesthetic our experienced design team will deliver.

Keeping Products in New Zealand

Where possible BLS® works with our network of local engineers and fabricators to get fast efficient results.

Meeting Global Competition

Where volumes are higher, our international team ensure we deliver the best possible volume pricing with our own engineers on site during production to ensure consistent quality.

BLS® and Ecofluro® products are fully compatible with standard lamp holders and our MR16s are compliant with ANSI standards. Industrial products such as the Infinity and HiBay Solutions, are supplied either with plug and cord or ready to be hard wired.


Business Lighting Solutions maintains a network of preferred electrical contractors nationwide, to support turn-key solutions including installation. We offer free support and advice to clients who wish to use their preferred electrical contractor.


Products are provided with clear instructions and pre-printed labels for upgraded light fixtures. Clearly indicating the revised circuit and polarity in line with best practice and ERAC guidelines.

Light fixtures directly effect light output, and tolerances within a well designed building are as narrow as possible to maximise efficiency. It is important to establish the type of lens, and light output that best suits your luminaire.

Independent Reports

Our products are supplied with detailed photometric reports from independent NATA accredited laboratories, we use these files to bench mark performance to ensure accurate specification and a genuine one for one replacement when upgrading.

Photometry Options

We provide industry standard IES files for digital design LM79 reports for luminaire efficiency and TM21-LM80-08 reports in support of LED lifetime and performance characteristics.

For Ecofluro® T8 LEDs, our library includes detailed photometry for product performance across a range of common light fixtures.

This is because it is not enough to present the product in isolation, the light fixture dramatically effects output and distribution. These reports not only confirm how the product performs, they also enable detailed performance evaluation for any given project, using industry standard CAD applications.