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T8 LED Tube

Simple proven solution.

For seven years BLS T8 LEDs have set the bar in terms of performance and reliability across a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.

Superior performance and a more comprehensive warranty than any competing LED tube, the BLS T8 LED provides the perfect upgrade solution for clients who want or are obliged to keep their existing luminaire.

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Three lengths.
384 Variations

The BLS T8 LED tube is supplied in three standard lengths and can be specified by lens, colour, Ra and power to over 350 variations. Products are specified to provide energy savings in excess of 65% and fine tune light levels to existing, or revised levels where areas may have changed use overtime, based on a simple one for one replacement within existing luminaires.

Up to 1,340lm
Up to 3,216lm
Up to 5,360lm
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Extraordinary light.

BLS products are available in three colour rendering options, to optomise performance, light output and colour to specific applications. All grades improve visual acuity and deliver rich, perfectly balanced full spectrum light. Our quality control procedures eliminate binning and we guarantee consistency across a broad range of standard colour temperatures.


Ra75 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour

Ra85 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour

Ra95 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour
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Optimised to eliminate thermal stress.

Our 5th Generation LED arrays contain more individual chips running at lower drive currents than competing products to deliver higher lumen efficiency and extended lumen maintenance. In seven years in operation our products continue to outperform warranty.

Luminare Efficacy
Up to
@ Ta 25ºC
LED Lifetime
EF 119lm/W

5 Years Warranty - L85 5 Years Warranty - L70 5 Years Warranty - Parts & Body

*All products are backed by LM79 and LM80 reports with independent NATA accredited photometry. Performance varies across the range and subject to final specification.

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Simple, straight forward installation.

The mains voltage BLS T8 LED tube is manufactured with a fully contained proven, Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) driver built into the chasis. The electrical connection is single end Type B configuration, fully compliant with all electrical saftey and EMC requirements.

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Installation & Compliance

Our customers can rest assured because BLS warrants that once installed in line with instructions, all changes to existing luminaires are fully compliant to AS/NZS electrical safety regulations. Its as simple as that.

Proven in industrial application.

With more than seven years experience proving energy efficient LED solutions to many of New Zealand and Australia’s largest industrial, corporate and commercial institutions, BLS products have stood the test of time. With more LEDs operating for longer than any competitor and an outstanding record of reliability and service, call us to find out why a BLS LED lighting solution makes perfect economic sense.

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