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Soffito LED

Clean Room Series

New from BLS, Soffito™ is designed to replace 250W~500W, flush or surface mount traditional pyramidic lensed Metal Halides. This unique patented product sets new standards in performance, efficiency, practicality and ease of installation.

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Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Soffito™ has no glass or fragile components and is designed specifically for use in food-grade, industrial applications.

Soffito™ features a wipe clean, one piece frame and body moulding. To eliminate the nooks and crannies, where chemical-resistant bacteria thrive.

Chemical and
Fire Resistant

Constructed from fire retardant and chemical resistant plastic Soffito™ is a practical solution for applications in the harsh working conditions of the food production industry.

It is resistant to chlorine and quartenary sanitisers, including Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride the active ingredient in many industrial foam cleaners.

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Easy Install Options

Soffito™ is designed for simple, easy, installation, it can be fixed directly from below using standard G14 screws and is supplied with clip-over flush screw caps to create an invisible fix.

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Variable Depth Fixing

Soffito™ is easily installed from above. It is designed to pass through an existing opening, eliminating the need for access equipment.

Once in position, it is simply turned, suspended and adjusted to suit the depth required, forming a waterproof seal to the ceiling

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Surface Mount

For surface mount applications Soffito™ options include stainless steel, powder coated steel or plastic box mounting kits, simple to install and fit without the need to penetrate the substrate.

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Glare Free LED Optics

Soffito™ features a frosted lens, which delivers soft, glare-free light. Eliminating shadows created by complex plant and machinery.

The result is improved lux levels, improved visual acuity and a comfortable, eye-safe, working environment.

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Behind the Lens

Soffito™ features a four piece high density LED array that delivers exceptionally high performance at up to 165lm/W, with a minimum service life of 65,000 hours to L70

Soffito (UT Chip)
Up to 23,000lm
Soffito (HE Chip)
Up to 27,000lm
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Easy Maintenance

Industrial processing facilities are harsh working environments and we understand how important it is to keep things moving.

BLS products are designed with an incredibly long service life and in that time accidents happen.

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Easy Maintenance

Soffito™ is designed for easy maintenance, the only tools you need are a screwdriver or Allen-key to fix or replace anything

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One Piece Silicon Seals

A one piece silicon seal protects the opening and eiminates the build up of dirt and grime. Recessed inside the main body it ensures consistent pressure around the the frame.

To improve protection on rough or uneven surfaces, the raised edges provide a channel for additional silicon sealant.

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Wave-Form™ Heatsink

Each LED array is mounted on an aluminium heatsink that features a Wave-Form™ extrusion to maximise the surface area producing more than 4m/sq of active heatsink.

Reducing thermal load, optomising performance and reliability, while extending the operational life of the LED.

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Intelligent control

With dimming as standard and the option to add additional controls, including lux and occupancy sensors via 0-5/0-10, C-BUS or DALI systems, Soffito™ is ready to refine savings

Soffito is also available with BLS ZigBee wireless for ultimate control. Scheduling, dimming and energy reporting of single buildings to an entire property portfolio, with secure access via computer or smart phone.

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Extraordinary light and colour.

BLS LEDs are proven to improve visual acuity. With high R9 Values for richer reds, essential during quality control and key to improving productivity and staff well-being when working long hours devoid of natural daylight.

Ra95 Colour Spectrum

Ra95 Colour Spectrum

5 Years Warranty - L70 5 Years Warranty - Parts & Body

*All products are backed by LM79 and LM80 reports with independent NATA accredited photometry. Performance varies across the range and subject to final specification.

Proven in industrial application.

With more than seven years experience proving energy efficient LED solutions to many of New Zealand and Australia’s largest industrial, corporate and commercial institutions, BLS products have stood the test of time. With more LEDs operating for longer than any competitor and an outstanding record of reliability and service, call us to find out why a BLS LED lighting solution makes perfect economic sense.

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