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PowerBay Specifier Series

The highest power LED High Bay available.

PowerBay is the highest power LED high bay available in NZ Designed for large scale industrial applications, such as air craft hangers, sports halls and ship yards. With multiple layers of redundancy, PowerBay delivers unquestionable power with all the performance and none of the losses associated with many traditional or competing LED products.

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Industrial grade with
multiple lens options

PowerBay is extremely versatile. As with the smaller LiteBay range, three core models provide the backbone from which hundreds of individual options are specified. So whether you’re looking for basic plug-and-play reliability or a fully integrated, intelligent lighting solution, the BLS PowerBay a high output high performance option in a configuration to meet your needs.

PowerBay 8
Up to 40,960lm
PowerBay 10
Up to 51,200lm
PowerBay 12
Up to 61,440lm
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Our Gen3 LED arrays contain more individual chips than any competing product on the market, with a drive current of just 30% of peak LM-80 rating. PowerBay sets the bar in terms of efficacy and lumen maintenance. Its large surface emmitter and reflector system punches light where you need it.

LED Efficacy
Up to
@ Ta 25ºC
LED Lifetime
EF 116lm/W

5 Years Warranty - L85 5 Years Warranty - L70 5 Years Warranty - Parts & Body

*All products are backed by LM79 and LM80 reports with independent NATA accredited photometry. Performance varies across the range and subject to final specification.

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Extraordinary light.

All BLS products are offered with three colour rendering options, optomising light output to specific applications. Our LEDs, improve visual acuity to deliver rich, perfectly balanced full spectrum light. Our quality control procedures eliminate binning and we guarantee consistency across a broad range of standard colour temperatures.


Ra75 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour

Ra85 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour

Ra95 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour
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Rugged design for tough conditions.

Manufactured in 6063-grade anodised aluminium, PowerBay is designed to thrive in the most punishing conditions. All models share the same range of BLS® multi-channel, IP67 LED driver and structural design, with IP-rated lenses and IP65 electrical connections for complete protection in dusty and wet conditions. Our drivers are over temperature, over voltage, lightning and surge protection as standard.

LED Driver

*Prolonged exposure to high ambient temperatures reduces product lifetime. Standard operating temperatures -30ºC to +40ºC. See derating sheet or contact BLS techical support for non-standard application.

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Intelligent control

PowerBay ships with native dimming as standard and easily integrates additional controls including lux and occupancy via 1-10, C-BUS or DALI. The optional BLS DALI controller is IP67 rated and powered directly by the driver.

PowerBay is also available with BLS ZigBee wireless for ultimate control. Scheduling, dimming and energy reporting of single buildings to an entire property portfolio, with secure access via computer or smart phone.

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Variable lenses and reflectors for optimum control.

PowerBay is available with a range of lenses which eliminate glare and optimise performance to ensure light reaches the working plane. Whether its work benches and machinery in a manufacturing plant or the vertical faces of narrow aisles within high stack warehousing PowerBay delivers uniform light where you need it.

Frosted + Reflectors

Soft diffusion narrow beam

Lenticular + Reflectors

Narrow beam max output

Photometry PowerBay - Frosted + Reflectors Photometry PowerBay - Reflectors

Proven in industrial application.

With more than seven years experience proving energy efficient LED solutions to many of New Zealand and Australia’s largest industrial, corporate and commercial institutions, BLS products have stood the test of time. With more LEDs operating for longer than any competitor and an outstanding record of reliability and service, call us to find out why a BLS LED lighting solution makes perfect economic sense.

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