Infinity Series

A simple, highly adaptable linear lighting solution.

The Infinity designed by BLS and manufactured in New Zealand is a highly flexible, linear light fixture designed for simple fast installation on a wide variety of substrates, including suspended ceilings, timber and steel stud or concrete.

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Infinite length.

Infinity is available in single or dual width at 1200mm or 2400mm lengths, each unit connecting to the next and a continous looped and fused electrical connection running between each section. Infinity bridges the gaps between studs and anchor points for fast flexible installation.

Up to 3,216lm
Up to 6,432lm
Up to 6,432lm
Up to 12,864lm

Extraordinary light.

Designed for BLS T8-LED tubes (supplied separately) Infinity can be specified in three colour rendering options, to optomise performance, light output and colour to specific applications. All grades improve visual acuity and deliver rich, perfectly balanced full spectrum light. Our quality control procedures eliminate binning and we guarantee consistency across a broad range of standard colour temperatures.


Ra75 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour

Ra85 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour

Ra95 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour


The 5th Generation LED arrays of BLS T8 LED tubes deliver higher lumen efficiency and extended lumen maintenance than other competing systems. Light output ratio’s are 100% of the tube specified for the fixture, with no further losses.

LED Efficacy
Up to
@ Ta 25ºC
LED Lifetime
EF 119lm/W

5 Years Warranty - L85 5 Years Warranty - L70 5 Years Warranty - Parts & Body

*All products are backed by LM79 and LM80 reports with independent NATA accredited photometry. Performance varies across the range and subject to final specification.

Simple installation.

Infinity is supplied with seismic tethers to ensure the LED tubes are secured safely to the light fixture. While the light fixture is manufactured in powder coated steel, white as standard with custom colours available on request.

Ad infinitium.

The BLS® Infinity is designed to act as a standalone luminaire, or to fit end-to-end in a continuous row. The brackets used for fixing the Infinity sit neatly within the main channel acting as a brace for conjoining segments and providing a safe mechanical fixing at any point along its length.

Infinity is a flexible solution that designed to meet the requirements of the individual site and substrate. It easily accomodates angled surfaces, celings, pelmets and wall mount applications.

Simple switching

Infinity can be installed in continuous single circuits or bi-wired to allow easy simple switching reducing load to 50% when operating in conjunction with occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting or based on the schedules of individual site activities.

Proven in industrial application.

With more than seven years experience proving energy efficient LED solutions to many of New Zealand and Australia’s largest industrial, corporate and commercial institutions, BLS products have stood the test of time. With more LEDs operating for longer than any competitor and an outstanding record of reliability and service, call us to find out why a BLS LED lighting solution makes perfect economic sense.

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