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Downlight Specifier Series

LED Replacement for flush ceiling mount light fixtures.

BLS commerical downlights provide the ideal LED solution for new build or commercial LED upgrades and deliver the reliablity and performance our clients have come to expect.

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Three sizes. Four power ratings. 96 variations.

Manufactured in three common sizes and a broad range of power ouputs our downlights are designed to suit a broad range of applications. Optional circular or square cut flanges in stainless steel or powder coated in a colour of your choice ensures a clean finish regardless of hole size.

Downlight 145
Up to 1,710lm
Downlight 195
Up to 2,280lm
Downlight 240
30W ~ 40W
Up to 4,560lm
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Our downlights feature high density Gen 3 BLS UT LED arrays driven 70% below peak LM-80 rating. The large surface emmitter, increases uniformity, eliminating spotting and glare and maximising lumen efficiency.

Luminare Efficacy
Up to
@ Ta 25ºC
LED Lifetime
EF 91lm/W

5 Years Warranty - L70 5 Years Warranty - Parts & Body 5 Years Warranty - L85

*All products are backed by LM79 and LM80 reports with independent NATA accredited photometry. Performance varies across the range and subject to final specification.

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Extraordinary light.

BLS products are available in three colour rendering options, to optomise performance, light output and colour to specific applications. All grades improve visual acuity and deliver rich, perfectly balanced full spectrum light. Our quality control procedures eliminate binning and we guarantee consistency across a broad range of standard colour temperatures.


Ra75 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour

Ra85 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour

Ra95 Colour Spectrum

Extraordinary light and colour
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Intelligent control.

The BLS downight series is vailable with dimming or non dimming drivers for simple plug and play results. Control options include 1-10, C-BUS or DALI for integration with lux or occupancy sensors. For ultimate control and flexibility talk to our team about a BLS ZigBee wireless control, which provices scheduling, dimming and energy reporting of single buildings to an entire property portfolio, with secure access via computer or smart phone.

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Passive heat sink.

The BLS Downlight features an extruded, stamped and pressed 6063 grade aluminium heat sink which actively draws excess heat away from the LEDs. The large surface area of the PCB and even distribution of multiple chips maximises efficacy extends lumen maintenance. Performance is backed by LM79 photometry from independent accredited laboratories.

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Depth of design thinking.

The BLS Downlight product range features a deep body separation of LEDs from the lens, to further reduce glare and spotting whilst maintaining high uniformity and efficiency.

The height of the fins and open structure of the shell allow free air circulation with simple spring clips to hold the lamp in position. BLS drivers are supplied separately to suit functional requirements.

Proven in industrial application.

With more than seven years experience proving energy efficient LED solutions to many of New Zealand and Australia’s largest industrial, corporate and commercial institutions, BLS products have stood the test of time. With more LEDs operating for longer than any competitor and an outstanding record of reliability and service, call us to find out why a BLS LED lighting solution makes perfect economic sense.

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