Queen's Wharf Wilson Car Parking Wellington

Pay back:
23 Months
Service Life:
5 Years*
"The change to BLS LEDs had a significant impact on the operations."

Client Overview

Wilson Parking is New Zealand's largest private parking operator. They own, manage and lease a number of car parks throughout the country. The sites are a mixture of “pay and display” and fully manned car parks.

Their central city location in Wellington is a large, single-level underground car park, comprising of 410 bays operating 24/7. Situated below the TSB Bank Arena, the car park caters for both office workers and event parking visitors (the TSB Bank Arena operates as an indoor-sports arena, rock concert venue, and public trade-show facility).

The car park was lit by 920 x 1,500mm fluorescent tubes housed in Under Verandah fittings.

Site Profile

Over time, the UV light from the car park’s fluorescent tubes had turned the Under Verandah fittings yellow, which reduced light output. The light fittings’ plastic fabrication had also become very brittle and many of the fittings were cracked or broken.

It became apparent during the requirements phase that not only did there need to be improvement in the quality and level of light, but also that the car park lighting scheme needed to operate in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Client Objectives

Wilson's objectives in appointing BLS were to lift light levels and move to a natural-coloured light source, while reducing operating costs.

Their aim was to sustainably reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Project Scope

The project scope was to provide Wilson Parking with an end-to-end turnkey solution including: definition of requirements, specification and manufacture of products, project management of the installation, commissioning, reporting, and EECA compliance.

BLS Lighting Solutions

BLS worked with Wilson’s Operations Manager to gain an understanding of their commercial and operational imperatives. 

Two catalysts for changing the lighting scheme became apparent.  First, Wilson’s needed to improve the quality and level of light in the car park. Secondly, they sought to operate in an efficient and sustainable manner.

BLS completed a review of the site, recording hours of operation, site dimensions, lux levels, and the hanging height, number, location and type of luminaire.

Preliminary analysis of the site audit data indicated that light levels could be raised cost effectively, and that there was a sound economic case to upgrade the lighting. BLS recommended a formal review of the lighting costs and design. The Operations Manager endorsed this recommendation.

BLS produced a lighting plan for the site and modelled lux levels using AGi-32 software.  

BLS T8 1,200mm tubes housed in IP65 rated Titan were specified to replace the fluorescent tubes and their Under Verandah fittings. This solution would lift end-of-life lux levels by 17%, reduce energy consumption by 70% and eliminate the disruption caused by unscheduled maintenance.

The new Titan fittings were installed in the same location as the existing fittings, which enabled the electrical connections to be re-used.

The BLS Titan was specified, designed to house 2 x BLS T8 1,200mm tubes. The optics of the fitting provide good parabolic distribution of light, plus a modest upward distribution of light on the ceiling.

In addition, the BLS T8 1,200mm 20W LED tube was specified, providing 2,600 directional lumens. Because the existing Under Verandah fittings had yellowed, significant lumen loss was occurring. The 1,200mm 20W tube provided a near one-for-one replacement in terms of light output, and gave the optimal, most cost-effective solution for the site.

Our Specified Solution.

Light Fixtures

460 x 1,200mm Dual Titan-IP65 Titan IP65 Dual
920 x 1,200mm 20W EF T8 LED Tubes  T8 Tube with Frosted Lens


BLS developed a comprehensive installation plan and project managed the installation, commissioning, EECA reporting and production of the project case study


The BLS T8 LED tubes were provided with a 5-Year L85 Warranty 5 Year Warranty to L70
The Titan-IP65 were provided with a 5-Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty on Materials

Phased Project Implementation


Co-ordinated with operational staff to develop the end to end project plan which detailed tasks, process, site specific requirements, dependencies and outputted the critical path.

Measurements and Verification

BLS installed meters on lighting circuits to measure power consumption before and after the upgrade, in order to verify energy savings.


Appointed and briefed electrician from BLS contractor pool, scheduled on-site visit to meet with operational staff, defined health and safety requirements and agreed optimal install window.


BLS met on-site with Wilson Parking operations staff to review the installed solution and to verify that projected energy savings and lux levels were to brief.


Prepared project case study and report for client and EECA detailing kWh savings. Submitted EECA report, finalised grant paperwork, paid grant to client.

Client Benefits

The change to BLS LEDs had a significant impact on the operations. As many of Wilson’s customers were attending nighttime events, and the new, well-lit environment improved safety perceptions and minimized incidents of damage to cars from visitors leaving the building. Productivity also improved as staff were able to focus on customer service rather than lighting maintenance.

There was more good news: Wilson reduced their carbon footprint by 70%, and with a 10-year service life, the BLS products minimized their waste to landfill, satisfying Wilson’s sustainability objective.