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Our Experience:

BLS is New Zealand’s only specialist LED lighting solutions provider with over seven years of exclusive LED manufacturing and installation experience. BLS pioneered the development of LED technology specifically for the NZ and Australian markets. That is why we have the broadest base of LEDs in commercial application nationwide. Our LED products have operated continuously for longer than any other manufacturer in the market.

As an EECA Approved Business Program Partner, our products, services and engagement process have all been independently reviewed, assessed and approved by New Zealand’s largest brands, consultants and electrical engineers. Explore our case studies to find out more about our company, products and service

Our Solutions:

Our performance, growth and reputation is dependent on the successful delivery and execution of energy efficient, maintenance-free lighting solutions. Whether it is a new build or retro-fit LED solution, the accurate prediction of energy and maintenance savings is key to the success of every business case.

Our Project Assure™ engagement process is guaranteed to capture and compare our projected vs. resulting savings from every BLS energy efficient lighting solution. And we guarantee the results. Performance is independently verified in a series of tests that measure pre- and post-installation energy consumption to ensure performance is in line with, or exceeds pre-sale predictions. Our case studies provide further background on the results we typically achieve in our installations.

Our Commitment:

Our commitment to our customers is to engage in a manner that is both professional and consultative; to design and specify a solution that delivers guaranteed savings; to review and present your project to EECA for consideration of an energy efficient grant; to assist in the development of your internal business case; to provide financial assistance where CAPEX is a hurdle, and to manufacture and install our products in a timely fashion. In short, we provide an energy efficient lighting solution backed by a no nonsense guarantee that exceeds expectations beyond warranty.