About BLS

BLS® is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of locally designed LED lighting products. We are a specialist design and solution partner, with the largest commercial installed base of LED products in New Zealand. We count many of the country’s most significant companies among our clients, including Air New Zealand, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Turners & Growers, Progressive and Foodstuffs.

Our services include energy audits, lighting design and site performance analysis, EECA grant applications and nationwide installation. Our team can support and assist you with the presentation of your internal business case to company stakeholders, including a post-installation survey to ensure that the predicted savings are achieved and reported.

Our success is built upon the design and implementation of bespoke, high-performance LED lighting solutions. In 2015 BLS celebrates its seventh birthday with an enviable track record of delivering high quality and reliable LED lighting solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Our design team is available for special projects where custom fittings are required to deliver a solution that meets any environmental or performance challenge.

We work at a speed that allows our customers to make fully informed decisions and ensures we deliver a sustainable lighting solution that fits your business needs. Where CAPEX is a challenge, BLS provides comprehensive financial services that are guaranteed to deliver cash flow positive solutions on installation.

We understand the need to deliver sustainable solutions that can also show significantly increased productivity and a return on investment. BLS® takes the time to understand your needs, to evaluate opportunities across your business portfolio and to present a solution that meets the criteria you set.

Our products are priced competitively and provide the quality and reliability to achieve these goals. In addition, all of our installations are carried out using our Project Assure™ methodology, which is proven to reduce risk, minimise costs and dramatically improve success rates from inception to the delivery of a successful LED lighting solution.

BLS® products are designed in New Zealand, and meet all New Zealand and Australian standards supported by detailed independent photometry. We offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty as standard – the only LED warranty on the market that links individual products to detailed photometry during manufacture.

Contact our team to find out how a BLS® LED solution can deliver business efficiencies by reducing power and eliminating unscheduled maintenance.